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About Us

The Organization of Sierra Leoneans is an apolitical and non-religious organization which comprises of indegenous Sierra Leoneans from different ethnic groups, and other individuals who share affinity with the organization. Majority of the members reside in Sweden’s capital city, Stockholm, where the organization was founded in 2004 and has its base. Membership to the organization is open to all Sierra Leoneans in Sweden, and extends to everyone who complies with the rules and aspirations for which the organization was founded. ORSLIS, as it known, works with other Sierra Leonean base organizations in Sweden. Through the organization’s diverse programmes, it has attracted the attention of a lot of Sierra Leoneans nationwide.

This organization prioritizes love and respect for its members. Therefore, it operates on the principle of equality to ensure that everyone whether young or old, woman or man is served and treated with the respect he or she deserves. Our goal is partly to assist our members in the integration process in Sweden and partly to extend a helping hand to Sierra Leoneans back home.

The organization also seeks to make a meaningful contribution to the development of Sierra Leone, and especially to alleviate the suffering of women and children of our beloved nation.

Over the years, the organization have undertaken multiple activities which have both served as a motivation for others to seek membership, and an encouragement to retain existing ones. Among the biggest activities undertaken so far was our shippment of a container of Medical equipment to Sierra Leone during the Ebola outbreak in 2014. This was followed by another shipment of a 40feet container of high class Medical equipment to Caritas in Freetown in 2017. The organization have also been involved in school and similar hospital projects in Sierra Leone.

While maintaining a steady delivery of services to Sierra Leone, the organization have also rendered a range of cultural and educational activities mostly in Stockholm.

Membership of the organization has seen an exponential rise since the ascendancy of Jimmy Saccoh as the new chairman, since March 2019. With his ambition to continue to increase the membership, a nationwide outreach programme was designed to extend the organization to every corner of Sweden. More and more Sierra Leoneans are expected to board the train as we progress.